Big melt causes flooding

Temperatures were rising sharply earlier this morning (Monday, Feb 5) on PEI and so were flood waters when banks of snow rapidly melted.

A stretch of the Rattenbury Road, at Sutherland Lane, was covered in fast-flowing, close to knee deep water when blue bags filled with recyclables jammed a culvert. Public works crews were on hand to remove the debris.

Large pools of standing water could be seen throughout the Stanley Bridge, North Granville area and along the highway to Kensington. Fields shorn of a protective cover of snow were transformed into muck.

In North Granville brown, soil laden water surged through a culvert and overwhelmed the banks on one side of a stream.

One car was pulled from a ditch by a tow truck in New London. It was a day that seemed more like April than early February.

Story and photos by Jim Brown
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