Clearing a place for his boat

Martin Paynter and some friends were busy at the Stanley Bridge wharf on March 16, carving a passageway through foot-deep, slushy ice to park his small boat until spring.

The roar of chainsaws could be heard as the boat was hauled over the ice pan.

Paynter is an employee of Coles Mussel Farms, a year-round operation.

He says the market for mussels is “very strong” in the United States. The small boat featured in this photo spread is not the one he usually works on, which is 45 feet long. Paynter recalls the winter of 2015, when “we hardly got anything off the ice. There was too much snow. There was three feet of snow on the level.” The last two winters, by comparison, “have been excellent.”

Story and photos by Jim Brown